What is "Communication Cabaret"?

Communication Cabaret is a modern, humorous form of knowledge transmission based on communication training.

Its aim is consciousness-raising and knowledge transfer through art and entertainment.




Jenny Simanowitz Communication Cabaret

The communication cabarets:

  • are interactive performances/ workshops based on the needs of large and small corporations
  • use theatrical elements and humour to make learning easier and light-hearted
  • have a teambuilding and motivational effect
  • transmit social, sales and communicative skills

What are the topics?

The shows deal with the whole spectrum of human behaviour and communication, especially that which is not always spoken but which we express on an unconscious level, the "unconscious dialogue".

The humour comes not so much from "gags" as much as from the joy of recognizing our weaknesses in typically absurd situations.

The performances can take place in English or in German.


What programmes are available?


Who's Afraid of the Jewish Mother  - Communication Cabaret


We are Woman - A philosophical comedy (in English)


Sex & Business - uncovers gender-roles in our sex-lives and at work, notes the similarities and asks if it isn’t time to question our „normal“ behaviour!


Salescabaret or Salestraining-on-the-Stage - which is about how we can use our knowledge of communication processes in sales, presentation and client service.



How long does a programme last?

Normally about an hour but this is flexible.

Sometimes it makes sense to have a workshop lasting one or two days.


What elements make up a show?

Short "cabaretistic" lectures, sketches, improvisations and sometimes songs.

What is important is there is also some audience participation. That's always a lot of fun!


Where can a Communication Cabaret be useful?

For every area where the transmission of knowledge can be combined with entertainment.

People tend to take in facts more easily when they are emotionally inspired... and especially when they can laugh.


In the last 2 years we have been employed for the following projects:

  • Conferences and Symposiums
  • Special "Meetings", for example for managers and politicians
  • Special projects, for example:
  • Gender Mainstreaming und other projects dealing specifically with the needs of women Projects aimed at supporting the integration of different cultures or age-groups, eg. senior citizens.
  • Marketing Events
  • Salestraining
  • Teambuilding und Motivation
  • Roadshows und Client Events
  • Moderation of conferences
  • All kinds of celebrations!


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