How to emotionally connect with your audience

Note: This seminar will take place basically in ENGLISH, with German translation and the possibility to work in German

For speakers * For teamleaders and projectmanagers * For sales and consultancy

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A presentation is about the AUDIENCE, not about the speaker!

This is what a lot of speakers tend to forget!

Whether you are addressing a thousand people, facilitating a team meeting, or presenting to a client, the emotional contact that you make with the people who are listening will be the key difference as to whether you get your message across or not.

This seminar/workshop will teach you how to really make an impact on your audience by

LOOKING (at your audience) and LISTENING (to yourself)

  • using gestures, mimic and voice
  • asking questions and generally getting your audience involved
  • telling a „story“ and holding the interest of your audience through anecdotes, illustrations and humour

You will have a chance to practise, be given feedback, tips and many stimulatng ideas about how to make your presentations livelier and more meaningful.

And you will learn that you don’t even have to be nervous - making a good presentation is easier than you think!