Diversity as Inspiration

Diversity as Inspiration

This seminar/workshop can also be held in German.



In this seminar/workshop participants will be invited to explore  the topic of diversity from the aspects of

  • Being inspired and learning from differences
  • Understanding the concept of culture, i.e. norms, values and beliefs which are  inculcated into us by our education.
  • How each persons‘ beliefs and our behaviour are affected by their culture
  • Learned roles ( e.g. Gender roles) and the influence they have on our lives, both personally and in the workplace
  • The problems of „altercasting“ ( stigmatisation) and how this can be solved


  • The concept of culture and how  it develops, e.g. with relation to Gender-roles
  • Exploration of our conscious and unconscious value-systems
  • How the value-system of a culture affects the attitudes to different groups, e.g. men and women, age groups, people from different countries…
  • The concept of status and how it affects the  behaviour, roles and perception of people, personally and in the workplace
  • How we play our roles, - Body-language, language, voice…
  • Moving towards Diversity as an inspiration and learning possibility

Training method

Although there will be some theoretical inputs which are  important for the understanding of this topic, the seminar will be very interactive. Instead of learning a set of „ do’s and don’ts“ the participants will be encouraged to reflect on their own values, beliefs and behaviour in regard to gender and diversity.
Much use will be made of their own individual experiences and inputs, leading to lively discussions.
Selected exercises and role-plays will add to the experiential worth of the training.
There will also be large amounts of humour and fun included!