“ Performance is any action of a participant in a certain situation which influences another participant in some way.”

Erving Goffmann

This workshop offers the opportunity to analyse our daily „ performances“- i.e. our communication with others, and to reflect on them. Participants will be inspired to observe how they act and react, their effect on others and how they can improve or modify this.

The trainer has a background in Theater Improvisation and Comedy, and the workshop is very lively and relaxed, with no lack of humour!


Anyone who would like to observe and reflect on her/his daily performances, obtain more flexibility and ease and receive feedback and tips as to how they can strengthen their communication skills and have fun doing this!

Learning aims

-        To become more sensitive in our perception of ourselves and others.

-        To use our body and our voice as an effective support to our verbal communication

-        To deepen our knowledge of status-behaviour and the „status-role“.

-        To be able to deal with daily challenges in communication more effectively





Communication as performance
Investigating our „performative patterns“- the conscious and the unconscious

The influence of attitude and beliefs on behaviour; the strength of positive feelings. 

How to avoid being „ labelled“ or becoming stuck in a particular role or behaviour pattern

The importance of our status-role

The language of emotions; broadening our emotional repertoire

How we can use knowledge of roles and role-playing to become more authentic in daily life.






Vorbereitung, Unterlagen und Durchführung




€ 1200 per Module

zzgl. 20% MWSt;

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